My Story


It’s 29th of March, 2015.
I’m sitting on a plane to Singapore, bored as can be and I have an epiphany…
I shall start a blog! I don’t want to call it a blog as I’m not your typical blogger. 
I’m as spontaneous as a thunder and as weird as a Siberian summer. 
I write this as my diary, or maybe just as some funny and weird scribbles of life, yoga, health, hardships and the things that I’m grateful for…
 All I know is, that someone once said that its healthy to write about your thoughts and that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to be healthy! 
 If someone can find something helpful, or motivating, or maybe just even a laughter from my obviously disturbed sense of humour than thats great ­čÖé


Go green! 

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.” 

Green is my favourite colour and my favourite way of life. “Recycle, reuse and reduce” is my one of my favourite mantras. 

Over-consuming and the garbage that comes with it is a huge problem in today’s world. And even when recycling has become a regular thing in our society, most people think that their effort is meaningless and won’t make any difference. But I’m a firm believer, that every dead can make a change. It all begins from oneself. So let’s not be lazy and selfish and let’s give our beautiful planet a change to bloom also for the next generations. Look outside, to our beautiful forests and beaches, then look into your child’s eyes. Wouldn’t you wish that their child’s have the opportunity to play on pristine beaches and run around in lush wilderness. We must relies, that the future of our human race depends on one thing… On changing the way we think.

So by making conscious choices, every single one of us can make a difference, keeping in mind that even the smallest effort has a huge consequences.

I consider myself as a regular hippie-minded, tree-hugging, eco-friendly person. Recycling-addict, eating organic, not using the air-con as long as it’s humanly possible, avoiding plastic bags by bringing my own canvas bags to grocery stores, etc. but I do get that eco-quilt quit often, as there is about thousand things that I should more, and there is a few important things that are on my “to-do-to-pamper-the-earth” list. 

Shopping wisely!

On average, we toss about 10 kilos of food a month, so by making meal plans, shopping lists and avoiding impulse buys, we are saving our money and wallet. 

Don’t buy products that use excessive packaging, especially individually packed items, as it creates a huge amount of waste, over a tonne per household in a year.

Having some meatless days, just to minimise our risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity. And also minimising the suffering of earth, as meat industry causes 20% of man made greenhouse gases. Think about this, not eating a half kilo of meat saves more water than not showering for six months. 

Try to choose the locally raised, organic meat, eggs and dairy whenever you can to support your local economy. 

Avoid bottled water, as it’s expensive and causes lots of container waste. Most of the plastic water bottles has BPA in them and according to studies, people with higher levels of exposure to it have an increased risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. And by the way, lots of the water bottle companies use the public water sources, you guessed it, tap water. So don’t be fooled by them. Getting a water filter and a hip aluminium water bottle is the new black! 

When shopping for clothes, don’t be a victim of a fashion industry who needs a new collection of clothes for every season. If you’re a true fashionista, you are conscious and have a capability of finding something spectacular and different from vintage shops, second hand shops or even garage sales. Being different is hot right now and will always be!

Buy furnitures made from secondhand timber and check for the gumtree or other secondhand buy and sell websites. You might find the coolest stuff for absolute nothing, by gutting off the middle man.
Domestically green!

If you want to be one of the cool kids, then Recycle! Not only your everyday garbage, but also your electronics, your clothes, etc. Just by recycling your paper and carton will reduce waste at your junkyard by up to 27%. 

Be energy conscious and unplug your appliances, when your not using them. 

Wash clothes in cold water and always fill the washing machine up, to save energy.

Save water and shower together, or take shorter showers. The earth, your wallet and possibly your partner will thank you for it.

Go green on your beauty care by changing into natural products. I’m the biggest coconut oil addict, there’s nothing better for your skin and hair. The fat in coconut oil helps cut back the appearance of wrinkles, and leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished. My Ayurveda doctor also recommended to moisture my dry joints with it.

It’s a wonderful product for after-sun treatment and awesome massage oil for a romantic evening with your loved one. Having your loved one massaging you, logically. 

Get outdoorsy!

Walk or bike. It’s great for your health and great for the environment. 

Another thing that I highly respect and try to do on my morning walks at the beach is picking up rubbish and taking it to trash, the purest Karma Yoga. It’s easy to think, “not my circus, not my monkeys” but wouldn’t you have that beautiful beach rather than the egoistic attitude when your old.

Share a ride or take a public transport. It gives you time to concentrate on yourself, while reading a book, writing a blog or even meditate and saves your nerves on a rush hour.

Keep the money in your community and support locally-owned businesses. Usually businesses like that are greener and also get their products from local farms and markets. They are more unique and the service is lovely and neighbourly. For example, in our little village, there’s a health cafe called Surf Shed, the coolest place on earth. I pick that over any Starbucks. 

Spread the word! 

Let people know about your green choices, be honest, open and inspiring. But don’t push it or be judgemental, just let them gently know what kind of an impact our choices have on the planet. Inform them and help them understand that these are our only resources and this is our only planet.

Let your green attitude shine in your community. Volunteer to help those in need, join in planting trees or neighbourhood clean-ups! 
Consume less!

Create less waste, as the junkyards are shrinking our beautiful planet. It’s easy to think, that we throw something away and it’s gone, out of sight and out of existence. But there is no such thing as “away”, the things sent to junkyards won’t decompose, they will never return to reusable shape. It’s so sad, it’s like a graveyard of our vanity. So just go for the long-lasting quality, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,”

I hope you feel already a bit cleaner, as I’m going to wrap this this story up and head outside. It’s a sunny summer day, and the wilderness is shouting my name. It’s my time to hang with Mother Earth.

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the beauty of our planet.


Join me in a 3-Day Full Body Cleanse

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”
Summer, winter, spring or autumn, our body needs an occasional cleanse.
As we give our homes a proper spring clean every year, or as my husband would correct me – every day – cause I’m slightly obsessed with tidiness. But “clean home, clean mind” is one of my mantras.
Why shouldn’t we give ourselves a proper cleanse once in a while? No duster or vacuum-cleaner needed, just some willpower and lots of fluids.
Keep in my mind, it’s not a diet, even though you might loose a little weight. It’s so much more. It will bring you clarity of mind and give you a jump-start to a healthy lifestyle. No wonder fasting was the rituals of great man like Gandhi, Socrates and Plato.
If you suffer from headaches, sugar cravings, skin or digestion problems, bloating or anxiety, the case is that you might suffer from build-up of toxicity. After your 3-day cleanse your body feels energised, rejuvenated and grateful for the rest from digestion as your organs haven’t been breaking down food and possible toxins.
Just a little warning here, do not detox if your pregnant or breast feeding.
First of all, choose a time for your cleanse, try to pick a weekend or days that don’t have lots of program or parties in them. Plan a daily schedule, plan your “meals” and ditch all the things that you grave. For me these would be caffeine, pasta and cupcakes.
Next 3 days prepare to go organic (if you’re already not). Say “bye bye” to meat, grains, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats and welcome to your life all the amazing, funky-tasting, super juices and smoothies. And by juices I don’t mean the dodgy, chemically sweetened stuff in the cardboard boxes.
It’s only 3 days, so go all the way. Explore the amazing world of juices, teas and all different type of organically flavoured waters.
Here’s mine daily routines, that I would highly recommend for the time of cleanse:
Mornings are my favourite part of day, and here’s my morning rituals that I recommend to stuck with on your body cleanse… And why not after.
Start your morning ALWAYS with a lemon water. A glass of warm water with half of lemon! It’s a magic drink that speeds up your digestion, it’s packed with antioxidants, it’s an excellent source of vitamin C, it flushes the toxins and strengthens the liver. These are only the few benefits of lemon water…
Meditate! Stress loves to ruin our body and mind, and the best way to reduce the stress is to get your Om on!
Rock your mental health and get rid off anxiety and tension. Meditation is like the detox for your mind and I bet you will fall in love with the benefits of mediation and your new mellow lifestyle.
Find a nice calm spot, close your eyes, choose a mantra that you repeat to yourself or not. Main thing is to shut the monkey mind for 5 minutes or longer if you’re a “pro-meditator” an breathe.
Brush your skin! ┬áSkin brushing is the best way to detoxify your skin from dead cells, reduce cellulite and support circulation. Have a shower after that, and finish the shower with a half minute cold water shower, it will work wonders on your blood circulation. Moisturise your body with coconut oil, that hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and smooth. Coconut oil also protects your skin from harmful sun rays. I’m an absolute addict for coconut oil. My Ayurvedic doctor in India recommended it for my dry joints and I haven’t found a better remedy yet.
Open your body with a nice series of sun salutations!
5 sun salutations will cost you no time, but gives you energy, detoxifies you and opens your heart for a new day!
Here’s a guided video for sun salutation:
For next 3 days stay away from solid food,
Drink, drink, drink! Try to drink 3 litres of liquids daily. My best trick to remember how much to drink water daily, is to drink a litre for 20 kilos of your body weight.
If the regular water starts to annoy you, make it special by adding herbs, lime, watermelon, etc. My absolute favourite is basilica and cucumber or mint water.
Swap your coffee to a green tea or to a nice cleansing dandelion or echinacea tea. As an absolute tea-addict, I’m more than overwhelmed with happiness, that the options on tea market are so enormous. My absolute favourite is Matcha Green Tea, one cup is the same as 30 cups of normal green tea in antioxidants. Also I’m addicted to organic green rooibos tea, that is backed with vitamins, high in minerals and contains huge array of antioxidants.
Juicing offers some incredible health benefits and it’s great way to get all the vegetables and fruits to your diet.
After noticing how much money I spend on fresh juices, I had to get a juicer myself. I love it! Nothing better than starting a day with a refreshing ginger-carrot-orange juice! Yummy!
Exercise! It makes you feel awesome and it starts a natural detoxification process in your body. It’s good to take it a bit slower while your detoxing, as you don’t have that much energy. I’ve made myself a fitness routine for the time of cleanse, and it’s pretty much something like this:
Before the breakfast 5 sun salutations and some cardio to sweat out the toxins, anything that gets that heart rate up, from jumping jacks, to running up the stairs. A walk in a fresh air with my doggy and in the evening a relaxing one hour yoga session.
While practising yoga, try to do as much twist as possible, as they are excellent poses when it comes to getting those toxins moving.
When you’re tired you don’t take proper care of yourself, so get at least 7 hour sleep every night. Don’t think of a good night sleep as a luxury, but rather as a necessity. If ┬ápossible, go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6 am. That way you are synced with universe and you feel way energetic and better. For me that’s a mission, as I’m pretty sure I was a bat in my previous life. I have a slightly messed up rhythm.
And my favourite part of all this detox insanity… have a massage! It’s the best way to get those toxins moving, but remember to flush them out with plenty of water after your pampering session.
Here’s some of my favourite detoxing juices, but feel free to mix your own:
Juice 1: beetroot, kale, apple, ginger, celery, lemon
Juice 2: spinach, green apple, pear, cucumber, kale
Juice 3: orange, carrot, ginger,
Juice 4: grapefruit, raspberries mint
Juice 5: cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut water
If possible, try to use organic fruits and vegetables and remember the thumb rule, if you eat the outside or the peel of the fruit or veggie, go with organic. For example, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum.
Whenever you feel like you want to chew your arm off, don’t! Have a refreshing lemon water, coconut water or wheat crass shot instead. I can promise you that the shot will taste a little peculiar, but it’s definitely better than a life with a half chewed limb…
And trust me, if you stick with this, after 3 days you will thank yourself.
When you’re done with your full body cleanse, give yourself a nice tap on back and if possible don’t go back to ruin that beautiful body of yours with all the chemically loaded foods and soft drinks. Every single time you eat, you get to choose, will you hurt your body or you nourish your body. Try to stay as organic as possible and pamper your organs on every meal with these lovely super-foods like salmon, avocado, nuts, spinach, blueberries, etc. the list goes on forever. Remember, that you don’t have to eat less, you just need to eat right.
Try to give up sugar and flour, as they are packed with toxins and are extremely harmful for you. I know it’s hard, as I could basically live on pasta and pizza… But I must say that I also love brown rice and at the moment I’m absolutely addicted to organic gluten free or wholemeal spelt spaghetti.
I must say that I do enjoy a juicy steak on my wedding anniversary or the most delicious reindeer steak made by my good friend, but I try to avoid meat as much as all the diseases that it exposures my body to. It doesn’t contain any vitamins or minerals, and no wonder vegetarians visits hospitals 22% less then the meat eaters. So try to avoid meat, if it’s not possible to go totally vegetarian, stick with fish and skinless chicken. And if that’s to hard, cut down the meat eating into 3 times a week.
Also, try to avoid the excessive use of caffeine and alcohol. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a drink, or a two, or a five occasionally, but having a drink every night of a week will build up those toxins in your body pretty fast.
And last but not least, stay away from the packaged foods. Even if it says “weight watchers” on top, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. If it’s in package, it’s filled with some sort of chemicals or preservatives.
If possible, try to make the “full body cleanse” part of your life. Once a month, when you know you’re gonna stay at home and have nothing to do, instead of charging to McDonald’s drive-in, take a step to become healthier, fitter and stronger you.
I wish you the most beautiful, refreshing and cleansing days, whether you decide to carry on with this or not.