Sense the Nature

   In this world of reality TV, Facebook and high tech, we have seem to lost ourselves. We are as plugged to the system as our Apple products and the effect of all of these electromagnetic waves on our body might cause sleeping problems, depression and sickness.  75 percent of our body is water andContinue reading “Sense the Nature”

Join me in a 3-Day Full Body Cleanse

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” Summer, winter, spring or autumn, our body needs an occasional cleanse. As we give our homes a proper spring clean every year, or as my husband would correct me – every day – causeContinue reading “Join me in a 3-Day Full Body Cleanse”

What’s your style?

 “I have chosen to be happy, because it’s good for my health” In the modern world there is a yoga style for everybody. There is so many options, anything from spiritual kundalini yoga to circus-like aerial yoga. Most of the time I’m as confused as a chameleon in a skittles bag… I hear lots ofContinue reading “What’s your style?”

Living and loving with an open heart

“We all are the same. We all have the potential to become a better person.” A while ago I asked my students what would they like to have more in our classes. The answer was ‘backbends’. I’m a forward-bending-head-standing-arm-balancing kind of a gal, so I’m not a great fan of backbends. I don’t have theContinue reading “Living and loving with an open heart”

Eat like a Yogi

Eat Like a Yogi “This much I know. If you are what you eat, then I only wanna eat the good stuff” – Ratatouille  The people who know me, knows that I Love Food! I can eat, eat, eat, from cupcakes to carbonara… I just absolutely, deeply, truly, passionately love to eat. While other girlsContinue reading “Eat like a Yogi”

Dreams do come true!

Follow your dreams This little story is about dreams, following our passion,while embodying our talents. Do you remember that time when you were a little kid and people would ask you what do you dream to be when you grow up?  The world was your oyster, every single door and window was open. Everyone toldContinue reading “Dreams do come true!”

Finding the motivation

I have been looking for my motivation lately with cats and dogs? Feels like I have a spine of a gummy bear, and I’m not talking about my backbends. Arghh! This story is about finding the motivation.     I have been sick for past few weeks, with a horrible virus. I’ve tried every possible naturalContinue reading “Finding the motivation”