When yoga found me…

When yoga found me….

There’s always lots of people asking me when did I find yoga  and how long have I practiced yoga? There is two ways to ask this question.
And I start my story with the question that I don’t prefer.
“When did I find yoga.”
 I found yoga when I was 22, a fitness freak, always running after trends. Materialistic, egoistic, “if I live to be thirty, it’s more than enough”-type. And even though I have always been a sunny personality, behind that smile I hid a shallow and superficial girl…
 I started yoga as it was a new thing to do and I really wanted those “oh so hot looking” ashtanga yoga lean muscles… Also the long haired spiritual hippy dudes had always been my weakness, so I hoped to nail down one of those at the yoga studios.
Somehow my on and off, superficial yoga addiction carried on with me for few years, but I actually never understood those “spiritual boho people” chanting around the bonfires while snacking on organic sunflower seeds. How could they have so much fun without vodka? Is it all just a scam? I only told my friends and strangers I loved them after a week of drinking, being death scared that my livers gonna fail…
Secretly I admired them so much and I wanted to be one, but I didn’t know how.
Let’s move on to the second question, the question I love.
“When did yoga find me.”
It was year 2006 and as usually I was clubbing my brains out. I met this hippiest-hippie- Rastafarian dude (my ex) and after a few weeks of dating he asked me if I’d like to go to India for a half year.
Alrighty!! What else can you say to that?  Hell yeah!
I quit my job, sold my car, gave the world I used to know a peace sign and flew off to India.
  It was amazing! Till this day India owns a big part of my heart.
Of coarse, like any other party girl, who has lived her life in high heels and had champagne running through her veins, it was a shock to start with. Cockroaches in bed, cockroach eating lizards running out of your toilet, geckos falling on my head when I was trying to fall asleep while panicking if the cockroaches will crawl in my ear while I’m asleep and I’ll die in a brain infection ..
But when the morning came, it was a paradise. That feeling when you’ve survived a night in a jungle, there’s nothing better.
  We rented a beautiful little house in Arambol, Goa. Surrounded by like minded hippies, that managed to turn me into one of them quicker than I can say “peace out”. Hinduism, Buddhism, Hippieism. Suddenly I was the one chanting louder than anyone else at that midnight bonfire and feeling happier, more connected than ever before. And Yes, I was sober…
  Goa is packed with yogis, where ever you look there’s a yogi. If you see a regular tourist wondering around in non-yoga pants, you’re like ” Om shanti Om, what is that?”
Our days were all about chilling in hammocks, cruising and eating delicious curries
We didn’t have anything in our house, and I loved it. We had a bed, a stove, a little backpack of clothes, 5 hammocks as our only furniture hanging around our living room and a mosquito net, God bless the mosquito nets!
  All I did was read spiritual books, cruise around in my low-rider motorcycle (yeah I was one of those hippie motorcycle chicks, cruising around in my bikinis without helmet, and I’m more surprised than anyone I ever overtook in Indian traffic, that I’m still alive), I  volunteered at a animal hospital, taking care of the dog department. I love dogs!!!
Also we did lots of backpacking around India, taking 12 hour long train trips to big cities while cramped up on the floor next to the toilet, praying to higher powers that no cockroach will crawl into my ear…
And somewhere in between all of this YOGA FOUND ME!
  I found myself practicing the ashtanga yoga series, that somehow my hangover mind from previous years had memorized, on those beautiful empty beaches at a sunrise, while some stray dogs tried to eat my yoga mat.
It made me so happy, it gave me the tools to concur the highest mountains, it gave me the peace that I had been looking for so long and then I knew. I knew exactly why these people were so incredibly happy, confident and emotional when they left the yoga class back in my early days, when all I was thinking was if a shot of tequila can numb my torn hamstring…
 That country is magical, it’s so spiritual, it’s holy and its sacred. I can swear that in some holy cities (like Hampi, the most beautiful place I’ve never been to) the time stood still.
The commitment people have in their yoga practice, in their religion, is so motivating. People are practicing karma yoga by cleaning the beach every single morning, the extreme respect for our beautiful universe. That is India, the birthplace of yoga.
  It taught me so much, it helped me find what was under all this layers, inside of that partied up body. All that materialism and egoism was leaving me and I found my true purpose in life. I then knew that I want to be a yoga teacher.
I made myself a promise. I shall help people find the path to yoga, the true meaning of yoga. And then I will let the yoga take care of the rest.
At 2012 I traveled to India to finally fulfill my big dream, to become a yoga teacher.
I graduated from Himalaya Yoga Valley. My guru, my mentor, the great Lalit Kumar, told me that my mission in my life is to bring happiness, joy and laughter to my students lives. Spot on! I will take that challenge!
I will make my goal in this life to find the happiness, and to bring happiness to others.
I’d say that you have to look damn hard for a better goal….




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